Scenario of this game takes place in neighborhood planet, Mars. By the early beginning of the 22nd century mankind achieve to go to planet Mars and direct researches about building “life” on the Mars begins. In a few decades mankind reach the aim of building some colonies on the Mars. However, by the year of 2135 some “quests” from outer space arrives the planet Mars. It won’t take too long to realize that this “quests” are not friendly. Indeed these aliens from outer space want to conquer Earth, the most suitable and beautiful planet in solar system for living on. Aliens’ last destination before invading the Earth is the Mars and they want to build a military base on the Mars. In other words, the Red Planet is the place where aliens control their invasion of our lovely home. Aliens’ first step on the planet is to cut off communication between colonies and their communication with earth. Losing the all communication ways, settlers of the colonies could not send any message to the Earth about the forthcoming Alien invasion. The military forces in the colonies decide on giving duty of delivering messages, and so building communication between colonies, to Special Forces called Messengers. Final and most crucial objective of these forces is to somehow go to Earth and inform mankind about invasion and prepare them for a War of the Worlds. Since aliens begin to attack colonies on the Mars and aim to clear the Mars of these colonies, achieving this objective is going to be a hard stuff.